The Places You’ll Go

I fully believe that one of God’s greatest gifts to us is creation. My mind is constantly blown by the insanity and beauty of this world. And the diversity that exists. How is it possible that all of it exists on one little planet we call Earth? I’ve been extremely fortunate to see more of the world than lots of people ever will. Still in me lies a subtle discontent that knows there is more to see and experience. It’s not a discontent in being where I am, but more a desire to explore. To see. To experience. To grow. To meet. To learn.

I feel as though every trip I have been on has enriched my life and left me with some the fondest memories that I will never forget.

I remember my first overseas trip to India. The confronting shock of being in a place so vastly different to anything I had known. 

I think back to the mountains of Peru. The beautiful people and snow capped mountains of the Andes. 

I think of our family cruise to the Bahamas. The crystal clear water and the coconut I snuck back through customs.

I will never forget the sweat on my back in Dubai. The police that drove Lambos and not being able to believe this alternate reality we had entered. 

My first trip to Australia and falling in love with the laid back lifestyle and people of the place I now call home.

I got to experience the richness of Spanish culture by living in a tiny Spanish town by the sea for 3 months.

I strolled the cobblestone streets of France where I got to put my 4 years of French courses to the test.

I was transported through history when I visited the sights of London. I was also in a v bad mood because of the rain.

I got to experience the rolling green hills of Germany and such a rich cultural experience. 

We honeymooned in Bali where I will probably never go back… haaa…

There’s a part of me that comes to life with travel. Something about experiencing something new that you could only dream about. Something about seeing the places from the web right in front of you. Even deeper are the cultures you experience. I could write all day about the things I find so fascinating, the things that leave me intrigued, the things I find confusing, but it is never the same as experiencing them. 

We get boxed in and comfortable where we are, but I don’t think we are meant to live lives of comfort. Not saying that everyone must travel, but I believe it’s one of the most enriching things someone could do. You gain perspective, appreciation, love and more for places and people that you otherwise never would have known existed. 

I find myself constantly longing for a place I have never been. An ocean I haven’t swam in. A mountain I haven’t climbed. A cuisine I haven’t eaten. A language I haven’t heard. For myself, travel is a big priority and passion. It’s worth sacrificing for and worth putting our resources into. It’s a strange thing. In my experiences thus far, I have walked away from trips having a greater understanding of the world at large, myself and God. It’s really such a special thing what happens when you open your mind to what else is out there. I am very lucky that Dan values travel. I’m not sure we would be together if he didn’t! We often reminisce on the places we have been together and separately. We both can’t wait to take each other back to some of our favourite spots.

Having family that is spread all over the world automatically means that travel is going to be a part of my life forever. I can’t wait to take family trips around the world and continue to discover more of the beauty and wonder that exists. I am thankful for this gift of planet Earth and all that it holds. It’s been almost 2 years too long, and I am anticipating what our next adventure holds. 


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