Hi! We’re Dan and Supriya (Supes). A young married couple living in one of the most beautiful spots off the East Coast of Australia. 

Dan was born and raised on the waves of the Sunshine Coast. Where the daily struggle is if there’s surf or not. He’s always been a kind soul, super present, a 15 minutes late is on time, relational guy. For him, it’s all about people and making them feel loved. What a guy… sometimes I am not sure how he is human. In some ways, he’s a small town guy but has done his fair share of travels. Dan works as a family therapist with people facing intense situations of domestic violence, parenting issues, drug/alcohol use and mental health support needs. He loves his work and is darn good at it.  Dan’s heart to help and make a meaningful impact in the world is unmatched, and his creativity in all areas blossoms more than most. 

He’s a fan of all things outdoor and adventure, a night owl, loves a good thriller, a folder (iykyk) and savoury kinda guy.

And then there’s Supriya. Similar in many ways, but different in more!

Think  first generation American girl who grew up in a small town in the South that was ACTUALLY called Snellville.

Supes’ mom and dad were born in India and moved to America when they were 18 or so. She ended up on the Sunshine Coast in the craziest of ways (story for another time) and absolutely loves it here. It’s changed her life and perspective of the world. Without being overly cliche, she’s an outdoor loving, passionate about health, extrovert that sometimes swings too far into her Type A personality ways. She get really passionate about things, feels deeply, loves to make people laugh and is always down for a good chat. Supes has a background in marketing and communications and currently works in a group training facility doing some marketing/admin as well as coaching… another story for yet another time. That’s a small snapshot of her: a lover of people, wellness, dreaming and being on time.

Last thing we want you to think of… these two people somehow meet each other, fall in love, get married and are now forever trying to figure out how to live life to the fullest. As vastly different as they are, Dan and Supes so value connecting with people and authenticity, and that’s their hope with this space. It can be a safe place to share stories and experiences. After all, do any of us really know what we are doing?

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